Writer ~ Word Shaman ~ Creativity Coach
I tell stories aching to be told, looking for a voice, seeking a freedom, coming of age. Unvarnished truth. Sardonic humor. Poignant angst.

Essayist. Life’s metaphors really get me thinking and writing at Thought Changer
And, on various publications on Medium
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And, Thrive Global. And, The Writing Cooperative. And, PS, I Love You

Novelist. My wheelhouse is intense character-driven women-centric stories with strong voices, sticky flaws, dramatic truths and smart humor.

Screenwriter. I write features and shorts, with projects at festivals and in script development.

Freelance writer/Ghostwriter. As a Wordsmith for other’s life stories, missions and causes, I write for those who’d rather not. 
I do long form ghostwriting projects (book) as well as short form ghostwriting projects, blogging and online content writing. 

Story Consultant/Creativity Coach/Idea Stormer. Guidance in outlining, idea & development as well as connecting to optimal creativity.

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“What you can imagine is but a fraction of what is possible.”
~ Cindy Yantis

“I first worked with Cindy Yantis when I commissioned her to write a screenplay for my production company based on a seed of an idea. She took that seed and transformed it into a fully developed script. Cindy’s talent, dedication, attention to detail and intuitively creative approach to writing keeps me coming back to work with her over and over again.”


“Cindy Yantis is a gifted storyteller! She writes from her heart to tell stories that entertain, inform, guide, teach and inspire. Whenever I have a creative project I’m working on, I always go to Cindy to brainstorm ideas. She helps to take projects to the next level with her unique brand of humor, intellect and creativity.”

Presentation Coach

"I have worked with Cindy for over 10 years. She is a consummate writer who is also brilliant at branding. I don’t know where I would be without her input on my marketing, website, content and course materials. On top of the fact that she is such a pleasure to work with, always delivering as promised or earlier! Seriously cannot recommend her highly enough."

Financial Counselor