Working Together

You may have noticed the term Word Shaman in my header. What is this, you ask? Shaman simply means guide. I’ve developed a divine relationship with words. Simply put, I’m madly in love with them and I have a gift for helping people come up with just the right words for stuff. I guide the words along until they fit perfectly. Friends started calling me a word shaman and it stuck!

Word guide… Word shaman!

Brainstorming: putting fuel on your words and ideas

Writing: screenplays, blog posts, web copy, titles, marketing blurbs, short form articles

Creativity retreats: tapping into your optimal creativity in the world’s most beautiful places. More to come… the first one is coming Fall 2018.

Conscious creativity coaching: honing in on your best creative work ccalogo-color websmall

Creative Jam SessionsWHAT’S YOUR JAM? What are you working on? Creating? Building? Writing? Birthing?

Are you feeling a little stuck, or scattered or overwhelmed at the prospect of creating it? Sometimes it can feel like trying to put the entire ocean into a soup bowl.

A Jam Session can help. A Jam Session provides the soup ladle.

Learn more HERE about Creative Jam Sessions.

Let’s CONNECT about what how I can help.

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