2024 is Your Leap Year!
LIVE Workshop January 6th

Join me, Cindy Yantis, writer, word shaman, creativity expert and certified coach, for this vital event to review, revitalize and retool, and LEAP IN (who doesn't love a good acronym?)

And launch 2024 with purpose.


Saturday, January 6, 2024

11 AM - 12 PM CST

Zoom link provided

This workshop is for you if are interested in being the abundant creator of your life: in your work, in relationships, in your health, in your communities.

With a series of powerful and personal exercises you can release the year that was, and create your best year yet. You'll choose a word or theme for 2024.

Even if you already have a word in mind, come on along to take it to the next level. Learn tools to implement it in all key areas of your life. It’s what gets you operating on all cylinders .

There will be prizes and giveaways when you show up live!
Who doesn't love free stuff, especially free stuff with value?

    Here's what people said last year!

    In this hour-long workshop we will:

    • Learn from 2023: A deep dive into your accomplishments and previous intentions. What worked? What didn't? Good value comes from both. What goals were pushed aside?
    • Evaluate-mine the jewels and lessons: What can you let go of and what can move you forward? Forward visioning is a powerful tool.
    • Aspire for 2024: What will light you up in 2024? Where do you want to stretch? To grow? To rise?
    • Pick your word / theme: With a theme or word that will powerfully set a new foundation for elevating your life.
    • Integrate: With flexible and workable daily practices plus purposeful connection with self and others. There’s power in sharing!
    • Navigate: Follow your own GPS. In all key areas of your life. It’s what gets you operating on all cylinders when all areas work cohesively together.

    All who attend will be provided a comprehensive workbook.

    These are creative practices harnessed, developed, and utilized in year-to-year transitions for over a decade that can help you manifest what you desire and what you need.

    Come on along and get curious! Curiosity leads to all kinds of good things.